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All the above-mentioned standard distinction method, the 16-level system 's still relatively good, basically reaching the equivalent level of smoke quality. But you'll also find shortcomings. Mainly feature: ① The locations are too slimmer and too gone, and each level is fixed to small locations. ②There are way to many colors. For occasion, yellow tobacco leaves behind have 10 different shades: golden yellow, beige, lgt yellow, khaki, deep yellow, old white, red-yellow, brown-yellow, brown-yellow, and additionally brown. Too various colors, too around grades, it is difficult to recognize the concepts of each one other Wholesale Cigarettes , and the feeling in different places is as well inconsistent. ③ Smoke quality grade is normally too fine. As an illustration, gloss, organization, accessories. are specified like slightly poor, to some extent poor, poor, awful, and extremely awful. There are 18 differences on the standard; the stodginess is divided right into 12 grades, the width isn't really suitable, and this isn't easy to comprehend. ④The standard model is incomplete, there are no requirements in the case of specifications and status rules, and all the understanding and rendering of different cities are inconsistent. Especially there isn't an grouping, only grading measures. Not only all the characteristics and characteristics for the tobacco leaves ordinarily are not separated, but the colors for the tobacco leaves are likewise mixed. Some tobacco leaves for the same grade are usually yellow and some are usually cyan Parliament Cigarettes , and required to varies greatly. There are a number types of smoke standards, which ordinarily are not scientific and competitive enough, which isn't really conducive to all the development of flue-cured tobacco production and therefore the improvement of smoke leaf quality Cheap Cigarettes . Also, it is not likely conducive to butt formulations and increasing tobacco exports. Along with the development of all the tobacco industry, the state requires a one national standard just for flue-cured tobacco. Inside leadership, the Agency of Standards, all the Ministry of Lgt Industry, and other sorts of relevant departments closely with closely. The Tobacco Research Institute caused relevant units to analyze and formulate indigenous standards for flue-cured smoke. After a a number of research and conventional practice.
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