David Jaxon Page was killed by El Paso County SWAT on September 29 2019, after Cpl Robert Stewart reported he had taken a hostage. 

Cpl Stewart had encountered David prior to this incident. He was aware of David's mental health issues, and had previously assisted in calming him at his home. 

The morning of the incident, Cpl Stewart contacted me directly three times, each time after contact with David at the residence. Each time, I offered to send him a CBI report so that he would be able to positively identify my son and pass information on to any assisting teams. He denied the offer, saying that he was very familiar with David and had all of his information. He told me that he 'had it handled' and would contact me if there was another call to the residence. Our last contact was approximately 1100, after David told Cpl Stewart to get a warrant or leave him alone to grieve. 

When SWAT arrived, Cpl Stewart's introduction to the hostage negotiator was "this guy is fucking psycho." In the hour that followed, Cpl Stewart did not make it known that he had any previous contact with David, nor that he was aware of mental health issues, or that David had recently lost his stillborn son and was in crisis. He did not give assisting teams my contact information, or tell them that I was 20 minutes away and could assist in deescalation. 

In one of the body cams, another responder can be heard telling SWAT that Cpl Stewart did have David's information and had positively identified him, and that he (the responder) didn't understand why Cpl Stewart wasn't giving that information to the SWAT team or other responders.

In the follow up interview, Cpl Stewart told investigators that he had prior contact with David and "knew what to expect from him." 

The following documents have been obtained from the agencies involved, as well as news reporters and other sources.
Not linked is a collection of 5 manila folders containing David's clothing and personal effects, received 12/9/2020 from CSPD Evidence.