David Jaxon Page

David was intelligent, loving and passionate. His dream was to raise endangered animals in his own private wilderness. He loved fiercely and lived life of his own terms.
David often didn't understand - or comply with - society's expectations and pushed boundaries to challenge himself and others. He struggled for years with his mental health and finally gave up on the system that failed him. We wish David to be remembered as the young man who carried his own version of sunshine with him and dared each of us to challenge boundaries and blaze new paths.
David Jaxon Page was born on Jun 26, 1999 in Denver, Colorado.
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Race: White
  • Occupation: Artist
  • Highest Education Level: High School Diploma or GED
  • David wanted to raise wolves and other endangered species in the wilderness. He began taking the steps towards this goal by personally raising numerous animals, including Marley, and on a grander scale by volunteering with MontemAra.
  • David was a Boy Scout when he was younger, and a III%er as a young adult. He recorded his own music as a solo artist and in duet with his closest friends.
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    Crystina - Mother of David Jaxon Page

Incident Data

David Jaxon Page was shot on Sep 29, 2019 in Monument, Colorado by El Paso County SWAT while holding a toy weapon.

The homicide has been ruled justified.

He had a history of mental health issues and was undergoing treatment.

He had no criminal history.

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