KENNER, La. -- A Kenner family has been waiting nearly a month to find out why an Alabama Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed their loved one, Jonathan Victor.

"He wasn't somebody that deserved that," said Donna Chisesi, Victor's mom.

Chisesi told Eyewitness News, her son had made plans to be back home on Mother's Day weekend. She recalled while looking through photos he was a bright, and thoughtful son.


"It was really hard for her not to find a photo of him not being typical Jonathan -- which is either make a crack, making a joke, funny face being silly," said Justin Victor, Jonathan's brother.

However, Jonathan Victor crashed this BMW SUV in a single car accident on I-10 just 10 miles west of the Florida line on May 12. He initially survived the crash.

"We don't know if he ran off the road, we don't know if somebody ran him off the road, we don't know if he hydroplaned. I have asked for an accident report," his mom said.

The incident shut down part of I-10, a witness captured the response near the scene. That video was shown to reporters, but the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency would only share one frame of the video publicly.

"We believe my brother was holding his hand in this context for multiple reasons," Justin Victor said.

Jonathan's brother says it was likely he was hurt, but investigators say Victor had initially been combative with first responders, and the way he stood, it looked like he had a weapon. So authorities say after multiple attempts to tell him to stand down, he was shot and later died at a hospital.

"Baldwin County Sheriff's Deputy had to make a decision not to put anybody else's life in danger," said Capt. Judson Beedy with the Daphne Police Dept.

Victor's family is upset. They have yet to be shown the video and dispute why he was shot.

"If your press conference is in the manner that they are, they are not very forthcoming," Justin said.

Victor's mom points out, the death certificate says homicide, dismissing implications that her son was trying to take his life.

"I just feel like we deserve justice, we deserve answers, and we deserve to have Jonathan's things back," she said.

And the longer the family waits, the more questions they have.