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Jonathan was brutally shot 6 times with an AR556 by a Baldwin County Deputy, due to a vehicle accident. He was unarmed & innocent. He succumbed to his injuries May 13, 2017, the day before Mother’s Day.

I was 20 years old.
I was a son, a brother and a friend. I was almost a daddy.
I had just learned my son was stillborn.
As someone with ASD, I didn't know how to handle my sadness, my anger, my loss...

I made some bad decisions on September 29th. But none that should have cost me my life.

Police had been at my home for over an hour.
They never called to me. They never reached out to me.
Instead, they got impatient and SWAT rolled their BearCat to the front of my house.

They shot me in the face 90 seconds after they parked.

My parents were a block away trying to get to me

Marley was a four year old Red Eared Slider turtle. He was David Page's best friend.  On September 29 2019, as SWAT responded to a noise complaint at David's home in Monument, Marley was their first casualty, moments before shooting David five times and hitting him three. David and Marley were both dead at the scene.