Marley's Story Featured

Marley was a four year old Red Eared Slider turtle. He was David Page's best friend.  On September 29 2019, as SWAT responded to a noise complaint at David's home in Monument, Marley was their first casualty, moments before shooting David five times and hitting him three. David and Marley were both dead at the scene. 

It was later revealed that David was holding a broken and busted bb gun in his hands when he was shot by officers Ryan Gonzales and Chad Wheat. 

Marley has become the voice of the family members and loved ones of those killed by police during militarized response to mental health crisis. 

Marley speaks for me when I can't. 
He speaks for the thousands of mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers and friends of those who have lost their voice, silenced by police. 

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