Marley Foundation will share Tyler Terry's story as soon as it is available to us. In the meantime, please be lifting his family up in prayer and support. 


Hayden Jeffry Stutz, a 24 year old young man living in Canton OH, was killed May 24 2017 while in crisis. 

We will share his story as soon as his family wishes to tell it. In the meantime, we fight for justice for Hayden, and pray for his family's peace. 


Leah Baker suffered from mental illness for over 12 years. She was paranoid schizoaffective. Since Thanksgiving 2019 her medications were messed up, causing her to be Baker acted in Florida over and over. Her mom, Charity Baker, calls this 'catch and release'. She says 'there is so much to this story, so many things that show how the system fails people with mental illness and uses them for profit'. This is the accounting of what led to Leah's death, in her mother's words.

Leah was released from MHRC in Jacksonville FL on April 8th 2020. She called me because they had dropped her off at the wrong address. I ubered her to the independent living house she was staying in temporarily until her medications were stabilized. Because of the (COVID-19) shut down she had nowhere else to move her. She had been released without meds, and with only prescriptions as they had before. Because of COVID-19 the pharmacies were closing early and I was working so I could not get them. I called the owner of the home explained the situation, I sent her $50 over zelle so she could help my daughter get her meds. I spoke with her Friday night 4/10/20, and she said she didn't have them. I told her to take some of the other ones she had to help her sleep, I ordered her a pizza and wings through Uber eats. On April 11,2020 she called 911 to go to the hospital but I guess she changed her mind. I'm not sure because it is still under investigation. She was told to go to the courts and file something - on the day before Easter when courts have been closed down - if she wanted to be Baker acted, and to stop wasting their time. Later that same day she called again because she needed her medication and wanted to go to the hospital. This time they arrived at 5:13 and at 5:18 I received The Call, "the cops done shot your daughter". This was a brutal attack with multiple gun shot wounds and an attack by the canine unit. The trauma center noted taser barbs still imbedded mid sternum even though none of the witnesses saw her tased. She was unresponsive when paramedics arrived but ER had to ask JSO to unhandcuff her from behind due to her critical nature. Leah's jaw and other facial bones were broken.

After killing Leah, the police went into the house armed with semi-automatic rifles and made all the disabled people clear the house at gunpoint; one with cerebral palsy that needed a cane was told at gun point to get down the stairs or they would be shot. Another needed a walker. I was told they had a hard time getting him out since he weighs over 300 pounds. Another ran out the back door I'm not sure if they got him. All were to lay on the ground and handcuffed and kept in police cars while questioned. None were charged with a crime because no crime had been committed.

We do not have the ME report yet and nothing is being released to us. I was able to get the hospital record. I am still trying to get a video from a witness but they are scared.

Leah leaves behind her 9 year old daughter, Marley and a family and community who loves her and will never forget her.

St. Paul, MN – At the age of 24, Justin Teigen took his last breath following an encounter with Saint Paul Police Officers. Multiple narratives have tried to explain the chain of events that resulted in Teigen’s body being found at a recycling center in Inver Grove Heights.

Teigen was engaged at the time of his death to Toshira Garraway. Together Justin and Toshira have a son who is now 13-years-old.

The biggest discrepancy in the different accounts of what happened to Justin Teigen lies in exactly how he ended up in the recycling bin. According to the St. Paul Police Department, Teigen was pulled over and police say he pulled off crashing into a concrete pole. At that time, police say he fled on foot and climbed in the recycling bin to hide from them.

According to Garraway, after the foot chase, the police beat Justin to death and threw his body in the recycling bin.

Surveillance of the incident was captured from Walmart on University Avenue. The surveillance shows the foot chase, but goes black before you’re able to see just how Justin ended up in the recycling bin. Garraway believes this is because there was foul play.

The details after that point, however are pretty clear. Justin’s body was picked up by a recycling truck, taken to Allied Waste Recycling center in Inver Grove Heights, where his lifeless body was discovered within a pile of unsorted recycling material.

“He comes through on a flatbed with the rest of the recycling material. So I have pictures of Justin’s body just dangling from the bobcat with blood just pouring out from his head. When he was laying in his casket, you could see the handcuffs marks on him.” – Toshira Garraway

Justin’s death certificate states “asphyxia due to mechanical compression in recycling truck,” as the cause of death.

No charges were brought against the officers.

Jonathan was brutally shot 6 times with an AR556 by a Baldwin County Deputy, due to a vehicle accident. He was unarmed & innocent. He succumbed to his injuries May 13, 2017, the day before Mother’s Day.
Friday, 03 April 2020 10:20

Tell Me...

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Tell me... Does this look like a dangerous kid that deserved those 13 shots? Does this look like someone that provoked any fear in the hearts of these cops? because that's what they claim.." he had a gun.. we was in the right... he was insane"? Or did they already have their minds made up over what they considered just another troubled brown kid? Was a damn car really that important that he no longer had the right to live?? I'm sure there had to be another way.. but for some reason they decided he wasn't worth the risk. In less than 5 seconds they became the judge jury and executioner.. holding his fate under their trigger fingers and the flick of their wrist. Yes I'm hurt.. angry, and very pissed... He was only 20.. someone's son, brother, uncle, and friend.. he may of been considered a little troubled but those that knew him knows he had so much more to give .. Rest in peace, Jesse. I love u sis -Natalie
Friday, 03 April 2020 10:18

Did You Know My Name?

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Did you know my name, or was my skin the weapon you feared? What did I do to make you take aim? Was my weapon of being brown skin too much for you? Did you even care; or were you just happy you took this brown kid off the streets? I had home, family, friends, but I guess you didn't care, cause you shot me without one single care. You went home to your family while mine had learn to live without me. While you hugged you family tight, mine had to hold onto memories of me because you didn't about my life. You said stop, my hands were up, but you couldn't get past my brown skin. You saw me, I wasn't like you therefore when you shot me it was an accomplishment to you. You saw my weapon, not a gun or knife; but skin and in mind my life had to end. You have a family to go home to while my family has to find a way to live without all because my weapon was better than yours. - Ebony Martin 13 shots...ripped him apart 13 shots...shattered a mother's heart 13 shots...took away her SONshine 13 shots...can't imagine if he was mine 13 shots...that's what he got 13 connecting the dots 13 shots...why so damn many? 13 shots...why did there have to be any? 13 shots...his life was no video game 13 shots...he can't stop, restart and do the same 13 shots...he is gone for real 13 shots...his body will remain lifeless and still 13 shots...I can't understand 13 shots...just a boy, barely a man 13 shots...situation looks grim 13 shots...but we seek justice for him! Here, I have written 13 SHOTS aplenty Some may say it's just too many But this is the message I am trying to convey This child (yes, child) didn't deserve to die this way The killing of Jesse Cedillo was brutal and senseless. Although I did not know this young man personally, I feel as if I know him through his mother whom I have known for some years now from a social site we both frequented. We have written together, laughed, and sometimes cried together. And now my heart truly hurts for her and her family and friends. Someone has to be held accountable for this heinous act of abuse of authority. Let justice for Jesse be swift! Anita Protect and serve, that's what they say. But if that's the case he'd still be here today. Because the same ones that took that oath, are the ones that took his rights away. His right to grow into a man, To become the best version of himself that he can. The right to live and learn the things he didn't yet understand. The right to conquer his demons and sew up the broken seams, The right to chase and accomplish his dreams!! He was just a kid, not as troubled as y'all like to say, Though lost and trying to find his way. He needed guidance, someone to reach out and say they were there, He needed a chance, to know somebody cared. He died that day, scared. 13 shots.....thirteen!!!! By one cop!!!! Three similar cases in one month alone, when will it stop?? Protect and serve, that's what they say, The same ones that took his life away. They robbed him of a future that could have been bright, What they did, it just wasn't right!! His hands were up, he wasn't armed, So why was he so brutally harmed?? 13 shots....thirteen!! From one!!! And you're telling me nothing can be done?? That's a reality I refuse to accept.... This was a young life that could have been kept!! And under a rug it will not be swept!! 13 shots, one to the head.... And they refused help before he was even dead!! They sat there and they watched him die, They didn't even try!!!! Protect and serve, that's what they say, The same ones that sat there and watched him fade away!! We refuse to do the same!! We will make sure there is a face to his name!! Cops complain about the stigma attached to them, well, who's the ones to blame?? You take an oath you don't stand behind, so why are you complaining?? All the wasted money that's gone into your training?? You are not trained to KILL!! This is a problem and it's REAL!! And we're speaking up because if we don't, who will?? Protect and serve, it's time you do what you say.... Let justice be served for the life you took away!!!! By Brandie
Josh & CSPD came together at a crossroads that 23rd day in July. Josh, still suffering the grief of so many losses, needing understanding & treatment; CSPD was charged with public safety. Despite being charged with the safety & service to the common good, CSPD was led down the dark road by officer Aragon, who admitted with his own voice to a desire for blood, a desire to shoot someone. It was he who fired the 1st unnecessary kill shot, knowing the others would follow with a barrage of bullets owing to "pack mentality" & murdering not a dangerous criminal, but a father, brother, and son who desperately needed to be treated for the mental collapse he was suffering. Jeanette Barfield

I was 20 years old.
I was a son, a brother and a friend. I was almost a daddy.
I had just learned my son was stillborn.
As someone with ASD, I didn't know how to handle my sadness, my anger, my loss...

I made some bad decisions on September 29th. But none that should have cost me my life.

Police had been at my home for over an hour.
They never called to me. They never reached out to me.
Instead, they got impatient and SWAT rolled their BearCat to the front of my house.

They shot me in the face 90 seconds after they parked.

My parents were a block away trying to get to me

Aaron's story is still being written...